Lost (Acoustic) The Fortune


The song’s defining melancholic sound is inspired by the aftermath of heartbreak, the lyrics almost sound like the unsaid words of the heart, a beautiful literary work by The Earflower Experiment. Its overall composition evokes a dreamy, sad, and lonely vibe like Another’s Arms by Coldplay minus the vibrant lows. Fortune’s varied influences give this single depth, delivering a song full of fond memories and at the same time, the void left because of the heartbreak. 

Following in the echoes of the band’s previous single “Lost,” “Lost (Acoustic)” featuring Aronjoy Das on the vocals, is a public on-demand acoustic version of its original. This acoustic version leverages the piano to make the song more soulful and bursting with emotions. The melody was composed first and here, the melody represents one’s state of mind, which is why the melody is more static and not moving much than a dynamic ballad-sounding melody on its original version. The piano is intended as more of a textural sound juxtaposing the empathy of the protagonist. Slick production and a reverb-drenched chorus make this the perfect song for reminiscing the good times of two people when they celebrated love together. 

Dr. Dhananj composed the melody lines and put the initial idea together before collaborating with Luca Longoni for additional composition ideas on the piano. The usual verse-chorus-interlude-bridge structure needed to be like a journey for the audience as the song talks about heartbreak and everyone who has gone through one will be able to make a connection to the song. “The song is like a shout-out to everyone who has experienced heartbreak. It’s more about celebrating the memories of being in love. The void left by the break-up, in the mind and heart, is the prime motivation to this song” says Dr. Dhananj. 

The Fortune’s single “Lost (Acoustic)” is a melancholic piece that focuses on the aftermath of a heartbreak and void left in one’s mind and heart. The acoustic piano captures this loneliness and the lyrics, the unsaid words of the heart.

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Nikhil Pradip, the mix and master engineer and a school buddy of Dr. Dhananj, brings his best to the table with his virtuous skills and makes this song a new breed of The Fortune’s repertoire. “We feel that “Lost (Acoustic)” shows a poised step forward in songwriting while still maintaining our core sound. We’re excited to explore some new terrain with this single and we hope it receives the same reception as the original from our fans and reaches a new audience as well” says Nikhil. The whole process of this song was done remotely as Dhanaj, Nikhil, Aronjoy, Luca, and Astaaq stay in different cities, which makes this single a remote-collab masterpiece!