Our Sanctuary – The Fortune, Takar Nabam, Mahesh & Haezel

The Fortune’s 14
release “Our Sanctuary” is their first collaboration with Bangalore based
singer songwriter Mahesh Raghunandan and Arunachal-based guitarist and singer-songwriter
Takar Nabam. Our Sanctuary is song about the excitement, love and lust surrounding the
anticipation of meeting your lover after a long time. Hoping to forget that the rest of the world
exists, they sing “Get it on until we are tired, This world is only ours tonight”

The Nyle Rodgers’eque chucking guitar driven track started as a collaboration on production
with Takar Nabam who also composed the guitar solo in the bridge. Mahesh with his uniquevocal style, joined later on and also wrote the lyrics to Our Sanctuary.

“Whats disco without the chucking guitars? Ever since I made the first demo of the song, I
could only think of Takar Nabam to do the guitar work for the song. Stripping back some
elements and adding Takar’s strums added the much required energy to the song. Way the
guitar solo is constructed, both complicated and enjoyable at the same time, thats purely
Takar” says Dhananj.

“Getting the guitar and vocal recordings from the collaborators happened with ease. Though
this is our first time collaborating with these artists, we were all in sync from the very beginning. These veteran artists provided their best and it was an extremely satisfying experience working with all three of them!” says Nikhil.

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