The Fortune & Aronjoy Das

Lost (Acoustic)

The Fortune & Aronjoy Das - Lost (Acoustic)

    Lost (acoustic) is the on public demand acoustic version of our previous song “Lost” with Julia Nem. With dreamy yet powerful vocals by Aronjoy Das, rhythmic and melodious piano instrumental by Dhananj & Luca Longoni, Lost(acoustic) takes you on a ride within the mind of a person who just lost someone who they are still in love it.

THE FORTUNE Dr Dhananj Shivganesh Nikhil Pradip “Lost – Acoustic”

Song Team – Concept & Composition: Dr Dhananj Shivganesh Lyrics : The Earflower Experiment (Astaaq Ahmed) Vocals : Aronjoy Das Piano : Dr Dhananj Shivganesh & Luca Longoni Mixing and Mastering : Nikhil Pradip Cover photo : Andrew Neel

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