The Fortune & Julia Nem


The Fortune & Julia Nem - Lost

“Lost” by The Fortune & Julia Nem depicts the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of one’s own mind and the compulsions and dilemmas running inside the mind of a broken person. It is alluringly delineated how one has to live their life after they are forced to face that unexpected-but-compulsory face of life. With its blend of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, dreamy synths and airy vocals, the song tries to get you through a rollercoaster of memories with your loved ones, the first time you met them, the moments you made beautiful together and finally, the moment you don’t want to remember anymore.

THE FORTUNE Dr Dhananj Shivganesh Nikhil Pradip “Lost”

Song Team Concept & Production : Dr Dhananj Shivganesh & Nikhil Pradip Lyrics : The Earflower Experiment Vocals : Julia Nem Acoustic guitar & Bass – Noel Prince Mixing and Mastering : Nikhil Pradip Cover art – Aishwarya Mankar “Lost” Music

Video Team Video, art & animation : Aishwarya Mankar & Kiran Venugopalan

Album art