Roll it Back

The Fortune’s latest single “Roll It Back” is a perfect combination of R&B chill and a hint of trap. It instantly puts  you in a head-bobbing and foot-tapping vibe. The lyrics of the song are soft, soothing with a touch of seductive  playfulness. Keerthana Menon’s voice couldn’t be more apt for this laid back bass line with a subtle string  section and an easy-on-ears atmospheric synth. Roll It Back is a homogenous mixture of everything right that  will almost immediately put the listener in a lovey-dovey chill vibe! The music video shot in Romania features  model Elena Luiza.

Roll It Back, The Fortune’s tenth single, can loosely be called a love/hurt song mainly when you pay  attention to the penmanship. Keerthana Menon, who lent her voice for the song, brings her experience  and swag to the dreamy, laid back electro R&B composition. The song revolves around the lady who wakes  up missing her boyfriend whom she broke up with recently. She feels demotivated and dejected at the  fact that she is alone now. The first verse leading up to the chorus has a melancholy to it but the

combination of sounds and the arrangement will pretty much keep you foot-tapping. There is a lot of  electronica vibe which will suck you into a repeat mode after the very first listen.  

The second verse sees the protagonist evolve into a person who thinks the break up was meant to be and  Menon’s swag portrays this emotion very well. The small drop with loads of well planned percussion and  synths builds the anticipation toward the second chorus smoothly.  

The song’s overall mood puts the listener in a dreamy state of mind. Although carrying a tinge of regret  and a wish to turn back time, Nikhil Pradip, Dhananj and Zen Clef have once again nailed the composition,  arrangement and sonic details to the ‘T’ and the listener will reminisce this for sure.  

The swoosh pads, the stuttering hi-hats, and easily anticipatable drops and dreamy vocals all come  together to create a memorable listening experience. It’s almost like the protagonist can’t decide if she  wants her boyfriend back in her life and this dilemma is what gives this song its much deserved persona.  

“Love, relationships and break ups are such an integral part of everyone’s life and with songs like this, we want to connect with people who can empathise and articulate their feelings and finally make peace with their predicament. It gives us immense joy to produce something like this as we know it will be well received and our listeners can actually sing along and have fun” says Dhananj.

“We genuinely feel the soundscape and tonality of the song do justice to what we had in our minds when  we started working on Roll It Back. This is our third song in the trap / lo-fi / R&B spectrum and with every

release we get to learn so much and get to work with amazing talented people. We are growing a little  more confident of ourselves and our capabilities as a genre-fluid band” says Nikhil.  

The music video, equally stylish as the song is shot completely in Romania and features model Elene Luiza.  Elena’s dreamy looks and a well thought of play of lights gives the music video much more meaning and  sync to the genre and content of the song. 

Roll It Back” is scheduled for release on October 15th. And music video is scheduled for release on  October 22nd