The Fortune & Shawn O'Donnell

Tell Me Something

The Fortune - Tell Me Something (ft Shawn O'Donnell)

“Tell Me Something” takes the listener on a musical journey where The Fortune showcases their artistic versatility infusing a nostalgic funk style with a modern pop vibe. The emotion-drenched vocals by Shawn O’Donnell and atmospheric instrumentation seamlessly work together for a must-listen record. “Tell Me Something” contains strong lyricism that will hook the listener, due to the relatability and captivating storytelling lyricism.

Song Team – Concept & Production : Dr Dhananj Shivganesh & Nikhil Pradip Lyrics : Alisha Johnson & Greg Van Kerkhof Vocals : Shawn O’Donnell Mixing and Mastering : Nikhil Pradip

Video Team – Direction : Shivmode Cinematography – Lijo Lonappan Cinematography Assistant – Sourabh Raghunath Editor – Bharath R Colorist – Joyner Production Controller – Renjith Murali Cast Akhil ‘Lucid’ Joshy Chakki Malavika Special Thanks to Anu Augustine Augustin Thomas

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