The End of Us (with Pyralid)

The End of Us, The Fortune’s 13th release is their first collaboration with the Dutch artist Pyralid. The End of Us is a song about being in love with an emotionally closed off person and how it affected the protagonist’s personal wellbeing. From everything seeming to be perfect in the beginning to falling out of love, The End of Us is a statement that the protagonist desires to convey to his partner “If you can’t open up to me, I won’t be lost, but it will be the end of us”.

Pyralid & The Fortune's latest single “The End of Us” is a semi melancholic, upbeat alt pop song. The lyrics by Pyralid are inspired by a relationship in which the love of his life closed herself off from him. Thumping 808s, catchy synths, plucky guitars and quirky vocal effects add a unique flair to this song

The cover art and the ascending-descending arpeggiated patterns in the music represent the essence of the song. Just like the sea trying to kiss the shore, the protagonist is trying his best to reconnect with his lover but fails repeatedly and decides to move on. Because the story of the song is about a failing relationship, the music carries a mysterious melancholic/angry undertone, representing the emotional stage of the protagonist. But at the same time, making the decision to end a relationship can be very empowering and positive in many aspects, which is also represented in the vibe and energy of the song

Collaborating with The Fortune felt very natural. I feel like we were on the same page from the beginning. Creatively it was really refreshing and we kept inspiring each other with new ideas. I have always wanted to produce a song about this break up experience and I’m glad I got to produce it together with The Fortune

– Pyralid

"The End of Us" is releasing on Jan 21, 2022

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