The Fortune collaborates with Italian singer KEL


he song’s prominent sound is inspired by the protagonist’s wish of being in the present and enjoying that moment to the fullest. The lazy beats and sensual vocals come together with beautifully penned lyrics by Bryan Rios & Dhananj Shivganesh. The song’s overall mood puts the listener in a dreamy state of mind. Imagine an overcast morning where you don’t want to get out of bed and sleep in with your partner, fool around a little with a tinge of naughtiness! 

This is The Fortune’s 9th single and they have kept the excitement going up a notch with every release they drop. Their previous single “Lost (Acoustic)”, released on May 1st, scored an

exclusive premiere on Rolling Stone India ( and they have been accumulating a massive number of streams and following across the Indie scene with consistent releases and their collaboration stints. 

All Up On You” featuring KEL (Kelly Moncado)’s sexy and seductive voice surely emotes the vibe of the song to the audience more than perfectly. Composed and programmed by Dr. Dhananj, the sonics and arrangement of the song lean strongly toward the trap / lo-fi side of the spectrum, something the band has been experimenting with for some time now. Mixed and mastered by Nikhil Pradip, The Fortune’s sound engineer brings home a neatly balanced listening experience. First, the beats were created, then the lyrics shaped up nicely and once the band had an addictive hook, they approached Kelly for the vocals. When she heard the demo and read the lyrics on the go, she fell in love with the idea of this song and readily agreed to sing on it. 

The Fortune’s latest single “All Up On You” is a chill and trappy piece that shouts laid back out loud! Focusing on the present and now rather than delving on the past or being occupied with the future is the centric theme of this new single. KEL’s seductive vocals with subtle guitar wah-wah on the reverb-drenched pads will prompt the listeners to drop what they are doing and take a listen and enjoy the present.

The reverb-drenched pads, the stuttering hi-hats, and easily anticipatable drops with subtle wah-wah FX on the electric guitar evoke closure and intimacy. It’s almost like the protagonist’s partner is distracted and not paying attention to her, but without losing her cool and full of empathy, she tells him to stop worrying about what’s going on and be mindful about being together, right here, right now, in the present. 

“With everything going on around us in India in the past month or so, the general headspace everyone is in is to feel helpless and worry more about so many things, All Up On You is our way of telling our audience to hold their thoughts and worries about the pandemic, the job, work from home, etc and come chill with us and experience the present moment and be mindful about it” says Dhananj. 

“We genuinely feel the soundscape and tonality of the song do justice to what we had in our minds. With this song, we are venturing out into something new while still preserving the crux of our originality. Like with the previous releases, the entire creative process of this song was managed remotely and with every release, we are growing a little more confident of ourselves and our capabilities as a genre-fluid band” says Nikhil. 

All Up On You” is scheduled for release on June 18.